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South - South Cooperation
and experience transfer on innovative ways for supplier development.

Study tour for Chinese Delegation on “Traceability in Agro-industries”(November 2009)

In November 2009, ETRACE organized a study tour on"traceability in agro-industries" for a Chinese delegation, from both public and private sector. The study tour included classroom training,presentation of the UNIDO/Etrace model and field visits to agro-industrialoperators as well as to traceability system providers.

Study tour for a Ghanaian Delegation (July 2009)

A study tour to Egypt was organized for a 10 delegates from Ghana(representing governmental entities and producer organizations). The program included a workshop on implementing traceability systems and the Egyptianexperience, in addition to field visits in the period 28th June- 2nd July 2009.

MAG –Trace Diagnostic Survey on Traceability and Food Safety (May,June, November 2009)

Within the framework of Invest-in-Med, the MAG-TRACE objective was to introduce the approach established in Egypt in the Maghreb countries. Maghreb agricultural producers were assisted to comply with procedures in orderto increase export to the European Market. UNIDO-ETRACE expert visited Algeria,Morocco and Tunisia, to assess the technical needs of their situation and to discern the individual needs in terms of training, technical and technologicalassistance.

cal Assistance to Costa Rica (June 2010)

ETRACE is providing remote technical assistance to the foodtraceability project in Costa Rica, affiliated to the Georgia Tech Trade Innovation and Productivity Center, clarifying level of traceabilityimplemented in the supply chain, suitable methods of documentation of every member of the chain, information storage and incorporation of importingcountries in documentation. Furthermore, and as requested by stakeholders,possibilities of customization were discussed.

Technical Assistance Mission to the Republic of Ghana:Implementation of Traceability Systems (25th May- 5th June 2010)

Since 2009 UNIDO/ETRACE is providing support to the traceabilityinitiative in the Republic of Ghana, implemented by the Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC). Following a study tour and hands-on training for public andprivate sector stakeholders in June 2009, ETRACE organized in May/June 2010 atechnical assistance mission to Ghana by an ETRACE expert, which among other activities included a training of trainers on the traceability implementationat enterprise level. The mission was funded entirely by the Ghana Export Promotion Council.

Study tour to the Netherlands (April 2010)

A study tour to the Netherlands was organized in cooperation withthe Desert Development Centre. It offered a workshop on post harvest management and provided hands on experience on post harvest operations in pack houses,allowing for knowledge and technology transfer.

Study tour on “fresh produce supplier development” (January 2010)

In January 2010, a training consultant from Etrace attended astudy tour in Vietnam on "fresh produce supplier development" (the study tour was funded by MAKRO Cash & Carry and the IMC). This allowed forincreased knowledge pportunity to learn about the l version 4 of GlobalGap Integrated Farm Assurance Standard and the latest developments in Good Agricultural Practices from more than 40 differentcountries, share ETRACE’s experiences and information on ongoing initiatives and network with potential partners.

Participation at the BrightAnimal Acceptable and PracticalPrecision Livestock Farming Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa (September2010)

ETRACE shared its success story and experience in Egypt at theinternational BrightAnimal Workshop in Johannesburg, and actively participated in discussions on precision livestock farming standards, best practices,traceability and information requirements for dairy cattle, pigs, laying hens and aquaculture.

Participation at the 12th International Conference of Agronomy(September 2010)

ETRACE presented best practices and the practical implementationof traceability systems and presented the case study Traceability in the Onion Value Chain at the 12th International Conference of Agronomy in North Sinai,organized by the Faculty of Environmental Agricultural Sciences in cooperation with the Egyptian Society of Agronomy and Sinai University.

Traceability System for the apple and olive oil sectors in Lebanon(June -August 2010)

ETRACE has assisted the UNIDO/MACLE project in the development ofa traceability system for the apple and olive oil sectors. With the support of an Egyptian developer, ETRACE customized and successfully implemented anautomated traceability system for the apple supply chain in 25 apple orchards.In addition, a new cold storage facility to sort, grade and pack a new brand of apples was installed. An automated traceability system for the olive sector hasalready been customized and is currently being implemented.

Remote Techni

Study tour and training for counterparts from the Philippines,South Africa and Vietnam (November 2010)

A study tour and hands-on training programme was scheduled forcounterparts from the Philippines, Vietnam and South Africa at ETRACE in Egyptat the end of November 2010 as part of ETRACE’s assistance in the design andthe implementation of national traceability programmes. The objective of thisstudy tour was to share knowledge, experience and lessons learnt ontraceability systems, food safety practices, the inclusion of small and mediumsize growers and producers into formal supply chains and market linkages withthe trainees. It gives the delegates firsthand knowledge of the traceabilitysystem implemented in Egypt in different parts of the agro and agro-industrialsector. The programme also included tours of small farms and packinghouses, aswell as a visit to the General Organization for Export and Import Control andPerishable terminal at Cairo Airport.

Conducting Traceability Workshop at SIAL MIDDLE EAST (November2010)

UNIDO/Etrace presented the model in Egypt, and how it developed toa wider scope focusing on supply chain and expressed the possibility of fostering south-south cooperation activities and initiated new contacts with majorretailers, food processors and hotel operators in the Gulf Region. Initiatives for collaboration will be evaluated.

Participation in the Summit 2010 – GLOBAL GAP´s 10th ConferenceAnniversary in London (October 2010)

An ETRACE consultant participated in the summit, in order toadvance knowledge on the. The programme offered an o

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