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UNIDO Global Conference- Presentations

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International Conference on Sharing Innovation Agribusiness Solutions
from Farms to Markets Providing Know-how and finance
Cairo 26 - 27 November 2008

List of presenattions during the conference covering the four themes.

Day One- Tuesday 25th Nov. 2008

  • Compliance with Standards and Conformity Assessment

  • Footprinting – An Environmental and Commercial Opportunity

  • Grain Storage Pest’s And Control Technology

  • Green Charcoal and Biochar

  • Innovative Forms of Finance

  • Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (Philgap) Certification

  • Technology and Value Addition in Developing Countries

Day Two- Thursday 26th Nov. 2008

Theme 1: Supply/value chains, market access and linkages

  • Farmer-Agribusiness Linkages

  • Innovation for Sustainable Growth in Agriculture

  • Sharing Innovative Agribusiness Solutions Supply Chain, Market Access and Linkages

  • Transforming Rural Lives and Landscapes

  • Business for Good: Entrepreneurial University Helps the Rural Poor Innovative

  • Intervention Models for the Coffee Sector

  • Integrated Agro Food Park

  • ITC Experience in Supporting Organic Farming

  • Links between the Agro-Industrial Value-Chain and Innovation in Europe and the Mediterranean

  • Mauritius Seafood Hub

  • UNIDO Export Consortia Programme: Argan Oil in Morocco

Theme 2: Compliance with standards and conformity assessment

  • Connect With the Heroes of Our Food

  • Egyptian National Traceability System (Nats)

  • Egyptian Traceability Center for Agro-Industrial Exports

  • E-Learning Component and Geo-Traceability Concepts

  • Empowering Small Holders in Kenya

  • Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa

  • Facilitating Market Access for ACP

  • Horticultural Produce Getting To Know Our Qualifications and Processes

  • Global Food Safety Initiative Improvement Of The Hygienic And Sanitary Conditions Of The Meat Processing Chain

  • Philippine Good Agricultural Practices

  • Quality Assurance Food Safety and Traceability in Honey Supply Chain (Paper)

  • Quality Assurance Food Safety and Traceability in Honey Supply Chain

  • Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) .

  • The National Organic Produce Initiative Uniquely Palestine

Theme 3: Technology and value addition

  • Advanced Technology for Transforming Semolina or Soft Wheat Flour Into Pasta or Cous Cous

  • Agro-Industry Business Incubator Design, Fabrication and Testing Of an Improved Flash Dryer for Producing 500 Kg/H Of High Quality Cassava Flour

  • Integrated Agrobusiness Based on “No Food” Species

  • Passive Refrigeration Technology and Equipment Production of Biodegradable and Compostable Bags

  • Songchon Goat Milk Dairy Project In DPRK

  • The Buried Diffuser: A New Irrigation Technique for Trees, Vegetables and Plants in Containers

  • The Trade plus Aid Cdm Driven Bio-Gas Alternative Energy Program

Theme 4: Innovative forms of financing

  • Co-Operatives the Linking Pin Between Producer and Retailer Enterprise

  • Creation and Investment Promotion Enterprise

  • Creation and Investment Promotion- Sudan Enterprise

  • Development & Investment Promotion Program- Shaping the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Ferrero Social Enterprises Programme

  • GAIA World Agri Fund App. Leveraging Your Funds through Credit Support Responsible Inclusive Purchasing Program

  • The Italian Cooperative Banks and Banca Agrileasing an Innovative Approach in Tunisia as “Hub” for the Med Area

Closing Session

  • Accessing Modern Value Chains

  • Business Models and Dilemmas Complete Small Scale Production Units for Cous, Cous Pasta and Composite Precooked Flours

  • Financial Innovation 4th Session

  • The Way Forward

*presentations will be available in pdf format soon.

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